Mental Health Podcast! Episode 2

Hey everyone!

Here’s episode two of our podcast focused on Mental Health. During this episode, we talk about alternative therapies and methods around supporting mental health. Most people think about mental health treatment as a one stop shop – pills. But for some that may not be a preferred option or it may not even be effective. It’s interesting to think about how there seems to only be one story for mental health treatment.

In a conversation with a researcher at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), it was stated that often many people are making use of naturopathic or alternative therapies but may not even be aware of it or identify it as such. Changing one’s diet or using mindfulness are things that many of us have probably tried at one point or another and, believe it or not, those are parts of methods employed in naturopathy and complementary alternative medicine (CAM).

With statistics around mental health in Canada becoming more and more concerning, it may be worthwhile to broaden our ideas of what treatment looks like. And beyond that, look at making those treatments more accessible; currently, naturopathic and alternative therapies tend to be fee-based services, making it difficult for a large part of our population to access them. The relationship between poverty and mental health is apparent. In 2009, the Canadian Mental Health Association put forward poverty reduction as a key aspect for the Canadian government’s mental health strategy during an address to the House of Commons.

So, take a listen and maybe take away some tips for how to support your mental health with alternative strategies.

Here are some links to find out more about naturopathic medicine/CAM and mental health as well as information around poverty and mental health.

CCNM Naturopathic Clinics
Anxiety and Naturopathy
Stress and Naturopathy
CMHA Poverty Reduction as Mental Health Strategy


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