Thanks Yalini for the warm welcoming

Hi Yalini. Hi to all the hubsters. I would like to thank Yalini for the warm welcoming of us to the hub.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Belal Hawwash, a fast track student from the SSW program. I have one placement term and it is my final term, too.

It has indeed been an amazing learning place where we have learned and still learning how to develop socially innovative projects and social enterprises that are focused on social justice frameworks.

At the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming for me since I was busy with other classes and with the idea of the hub itself since I felt I needed time to figure out what to do. I also went through a chaotic stage and felt lost at times. However, I was able with your support and welcoming approach to come up with ideas that would be of great benefit to the community. I am currently working with the Syrian community at the ACCT by extending a supporting hand through outreaching, identifying their needs and working on those needs. I am also working with Ruby on Erindale Fleece Social Enterprise.

Living in such an innovative place, and listening to other hubsters’ ideas is really a mind opener and makes one all the time creative and trying to solve problems in a social business mindset.

It is such a great support that you are all extending to one another. I also would like to celebrate the collaborative, cooperative, and inclusive environment that we have at the hub of all the hubsters.

You are all indeed awesome with great ideas. So keep it up Hubsters! And go out there to shake Capitalism with the sword of Social justice.



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