Let’s Get Freaky

Freak Pp Co. Power Packs Drive

Freak Ppl Co. is not asking for food, money, or clothes, instead (wait for it, my male readers…..) they want Pads and Tampons! Brand names not required, they want them all!

As a guy my knowledge of ‘lady products’ is incredibly limited, so I decided to ask my girlfriend to give me a crash course on this area of pads and tampons (I know romantic Friday night). And the one thing I can take away from this is that it is EXPENSIVE. So for the guys scratching their head, imagine having to buy something that your need that is ridiculously overpriced.

giphyAnother fact I learned about tampons

Let us also not forget that if you wanted something eco-friendly or all natural your choices are severely limited. For students, that is incredibly difficult; but now imagine for someone that is going through financial strain.

This is where Freak Ppl Co comes in and comes in with an amazing initiative that addresses this social issue.

Here’s what Freak Ppl Co is all about:

“Freak Ppl Co. is a feminist queer social enterprise based out of Toronto, ON, that produces handmade, fair wage and environmentally sustainable clothing. Freak Ppl Co. is for anyone who has been labelled or labels themselves as a freak, misfit, or outlier. Freak Ppl Co. embrace’s difference, finds empowerment in diversity, celebrates sex and body positivity, and values LGBTQ rights.

Freak Ppl Co. finds your fearless, eccentricity beautiful and endearing.

The best part about purchasing Freak Ppl Co. is that one is directly funding our social initiative. With every purchase of a Freak Ppl Co. product, one helps fund what we call our Power Packs. PP’s are feminine hygiene kits for homeless identified women, which consist of eco-friendly pads and tampons, along with several additional items that are intended to make ones menstrual cycle less of a hassle when on the streets.”


If you are interested in helping this initiative out please come out and donate some ‘lady products’. See when and where down below:

When: February 7th 11:30a – 2:00p
Where: George Brown College St. James Campus 

If you want to check them out online please follow them at:

Instagram: @freakppl.co
umblr: Freakpplco
Email: freakpplco@gmail.com

Robyn Z

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