Toronto Light Fest: Come into the light

If you do not have any plans this weekend and you find yourself bored in Toronto head over to the distillery district and come out for the last weekend of the Toronto Light Fest.

What is the Toronto Light Fest you ask?

The Toronto Light Fest is a new visual journey and an imaginative cerebral adventure.

During the cold, dark days of winter, City residents will be drawn out of their traditional indoor habitats to experience Toronto in a way they never have before.

The Festival exhibits the creativity of local and international artists and is a winter experience designed to entertain & inspire.

– Toronto Light Fest

This is the first year that this event is being held in Toronto and features artwork and light installations from artists all around the world.

But the most exciting thing about this event is that any donations made to Toronto Light Fest directly goes to Yonge Street Mission’s Evergreen Centre For Street Youth. In fact, they have pledged to meet their goal of $10,000 for YSM.

As we come out of the darkness and into the light with the first annual Toronto Light Festival, we’d like to help bring our less fortunate community members out of the cold and into the warmth this Winter, and we’re so grateful to the community for stepping up to help us achieve this goal.

You have the power to change darkness into light – donate now!

If you are interested in coming out and supporting this amazing event and want to see some of the coolest art exhibits just head over to:

Toronto Historical Distillery District

Monday – Thursday: 6pm – 10pm
Saturday: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday: 6pm – 10pm

And Check out their website Here

You can also donate online at their gofundme page Here

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