Lets Celebrate International Women’s Day With Freak Ppl Co!

Today is International Women’s Day a day where we need to recognize the women’s movement and how far they have achieved in equality and women’s rights. But we also need to keep in mind that more work still needs to be done to achieve true equality. As Canadians we are often stereotyped to be kind, and forgiving; but yet here we still have issues of gender inequality, whether it be the wage gap or just everyday instances of discrimination.

So I ask everyone today to spread the word and stand up for what’s right, that no matter your gender, sex, or nationality we all deserve equal rights and that as people we will stand up for each other.

I would also like to share a recent success that some of our own GBC hubsters had. You may recall them from their tampon and pad drive that they held earlier. The drive was a big success and they donated 400 pads and tampons to Fred Victor’s Women’s Hostel!!!

Lets definitely show Freak Ppl Co some love at their Instagram page Here

Or help support them by ordering their custom shirts on etsy Here

To learn more about their drive and what they are about check out the previous article Here

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