Social Connect


Social Connect’s project lead Paula Johnson (left), alongside Sasha Fink and Nishima Yashpal during a visit to Jessie’s Centre’s Swap Shop. Photo: Philip Iver / The Dialog

Through its organized tours and group volunteer events, Social Connect allows folks to experience agencies first-hand alongside fellow SSW students.

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A Beautiful Mashup

IMG_3407Level up Fitness Academy is taking fitness to new levels with A Beautiful Mashup by providing specialized programs to teach people with developmental disabilities the benefits of healthy living and exercise using ABA principles. Corey is also working with Cawthra Secondary School ( PEEL District School Board) on reenacting their social enterprise students to provide them with real world experience that can be used to develop resumes for students to  use following the Secondary school

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Freak Ppl Co.

DSCN1185-1198x899Freak Ppl Co. is a feminist queer social enterprise that produces handmade, fair wage and environmentally sustainable clothing. It is designed is for anyone who has been labelled or labels themselves as a freak, misfit, or outlier. Freak Ppl Co. embraces difference, finds empowerment in diversity, celebrates sex and body positivity, and values LGBTQ rights.

With every purchase of a Freak Ppl Co. product, one helps fund what we call our Power Packs. PP’s are feminine hygiene kits for homeless identified women, which consist of eco-friendly pads and tampons, along with several additional items that are intended to make one’s menstrual cycle less of a hassle when on the streets.

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IMG_3434Mancave is a unique pilot workshop that looks to redefine masculinity through discussion and building men’s communication skills. Robin provided workshops to youth in schools and Colleges.

Social Innovation Hub Club

IMG_3617IMG-20170412-WA0006Nishima has formed a Social Innovation Hub Club which is a creative opportunity for all the students at GBC to practice and experiment their innovative ideas and address the need for social justice by utilizing the resources of the college. It involves organizaing workshops, events and programs that cater to raise awareness about Social Enterprises and Social Innovation.

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Beads 4 Bonds

IMG_1021Copy of IMG_3553Sasha has created a crafty social initiative focusing on the empowerment and social connection through her workshops called Beads4Bonds. She guides her participants through a technical jewellery making workshop, where they make a bracelet from start to finish and explore their creativity through beading. The intiative is self-sustaining as many of the bracelets will be running for students at George Brown College and for patients and their siblings at Sick Kids Hospital.

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Mobile Assistant and Resource Companion (MARC)


This social initiative is centered around providing students with mental health issues with better access to counseling services by using conversation based assessments through an app to overcome barriers of stigma, accessibility and oppression.

Check out MARC and see what he can do!

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