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A Beautiful Mashup

IMG_3407Level up Fitness Academy is taking fitness to new levels with A Beautiful Mashup by providing specialized programs to teach people with developmental disabilities the benefits of healthy living and exercise using ABA principles. Corey is also working with Cawthra Secondary School ( PEEL District School Board) on reenacting their social enterprise students to provide them with real world experience that can be used to develop resumes for students to  use following the Secondary school

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Beads 4 Bonds

IMG_1021Copy of IMG_3553Sasha has created a crafty social initiative focusing on the empowerment and social connection through her workshops called Beads4Bonds. She guides her participants through a technical jewellery making workshop, where they make a bracelet from start to finish and explore their creativity through beading. The intiative is self-sustaining as many of the bracelets will be running for students at George Brown College and for patients and their siblings at Sick Kids Hospital.

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Mobile Assistant and Resource Companion (MARC)


This social initiative is centered around providing students with mental health issues with better access to counseling services by using conversation based assessments through an app to overcome barriers of stigma, accessibility and oppression.

Check out MARC and see what he can do! https://invis.io/Q6AX7MXZT

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Mindful Matters

Mindful Matters builds from a foundation that aims to:

Educate, Engage & Empower.

Each project, workshop, and online interaction has a mission to educate and share useful information on the basics of mindfulness to help others cultivate skills to live a more mindful life.

Engagement is also important and Mindful Matters will soon be offering an interactive workshop called Tiny Terrariums that focuses on connecting to the wisdom of nature to expand emotional intelligence.
Lastly, by educating and engaging we move towards our ultimate goal which is to empower others to utilize mindfulness as a skill to benefit and improve every area of life.

Catch us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themindfulmatters/


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Nookmis In(tent) Collective


Nookmis Collective at Social Enterprise Market thanks to Student Association and SIHub

Amy and Jessie have created a 7-week series of self-guided, self-reflecting workshops built on the Seven Grandfather teachings based around the Medicine wheel that represents health, the cycles of life, harmony and connections. Catch them on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/NookmisCollective


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Black Lotus by Deshanna

Black Lotus is a social initiative that strives to advocate for mental health awareness within the black community. Black Lotus provides yoga programming within social service agencies as well as online written content outlining ways by which people can take care of their mental health through healthy intentions, actions and eating.

Feel free to follow Black Lotus here:

Website: Black Lotus Official Website

Twitter: @blacklotusto

Instagram: @blacklotusto

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