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A Beautiful Mashup

IMG_3407Level up Fitness Academy is taking fitness to new levels with A Beautiful Mashup by providing specialized programs to teach people with developmental disabilities the benefits of healthy living and exercise using ABA principles. Corey is also working with Cawthra Secondary School ( PEEL District School Board) on reenacting their social enterprise students to provide them with real world experience that can be used to develop resumes for students to  use following the Secondary school

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Green Well By Jay B

IMG_3422Green Well is a green initiative organization that sets out to inspire students and private citizens alike to explore and develop their knowledge of a balanced society through learning about urban farming and agriculture. One of the mission’ is to enlighten students to the option of farming while encouraging a more diverse option to being socially responsible through entrepreneurship. There is a hope to transform spaces and increase the value of green education while promoting the fair and subsistence farming.

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