Welcome New Hubsters of 2016!

Hi, I’m Yalini!
I’m in 3rd and final year (yay!) of the CYW Program here at George Brown, and this is my 2nd  semester participating in the HUB. I’m excited to welcome all the new Hubsters who, as of Jan 11 2016, have joined our little community to experience this awesome alternative placement opportunity. 
You can look forward to many stimulating experiences here. For instance, in your first few weeks you can expect to receive training about principles and practices related to social justice, social innovation, and social enterprise – including how these are related to and distinct from each other. You will also learn about practical applications (and implications) of business planning.
We have all received great individual mentoring for our project ideas, helping us to work from the stage of initial concepts, through more complex planning stages, in order to simplify our ideas and objectives to make them more effective and practical. For example, my own HUB experience helped me to open up my thinking more broadly about what I wanted to do, and how to do it, and I was also able to make valuable personal connections to outside organizations that I then became involved with.
I assure you that the hub will help you to elaborate your ideas much further than your initial concepts and to make many supportive connections with old and new Hubsters. 
Again, welcome to 2016 and the HUB!